Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mandatory oral hygiene and a free pony? He has my vote!

Whew, the March primary is over. Can I get an Amen?! I hope this ends the glut of campaign commercials. You know my feelings about Obama and Oprah and Oprah and Obama and Clinton.

However, in case you're wondering, I'm throwing my electoral support behind the dark hose Vermin Love Supreme.
Thwarted by the media; Vermin, or Mr. Supreme is running again this presidential season after an unsuccessful bid in 2004. Among other colorful, possibly Quaalude influenced promises,Vermin Supreme also promises:

To appoint lots of committees to look into all sorts of things.

To tax the bejeezus out of everything.

To pave over everything that has not been paved over yet.

Legislation to make teeth brushing after every meal mandatory.

Free pizza and beer for everybody.

Support the Supreme candidate! Free ponies for all!

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