Sunday, March 2, 2008

Free Cleaners Inspire Cleaning, kinda

This post will definitely qualify for publication in the Portly Mommas Blog Ring. Other trendy mom bloggers may write about style, fashion, home decor and their latest Sephora purchases. I bet their awash in Estee Lauder and Easter dresses. Noooo, not me. I'm awash in Lime-A-Way and baggy sweat pants. And now I'm writing about a household cleaner like it's sashaying down the runway. New this Spring in vibrant colors and flattering lines...

Guess what?! I won a random drawing! I can't believe it because I never win anything. Well, except for in the fourth grade I won a free face painting from the library drawing. Since it was a Halloween theme, and I was the evangelical poster child, I had to forgo my winnings. A free Halloween face is no bargain at all.

Over at, I registered to win free household cleaners. Alas, they were not giving away household cleaners, as in a troupe of merry maids, but actual tools of the trade. Which is all fine and good and practical. It may inspire me to gird up my loins and tackle some household jobs. The folks who make Mr. Clean are trying out some new stuff. With new smells. It's like the cocktail of household cleaners.

It turns out the Magic Eraser is now infused with a Febreze citrus scent. It's the only thing I've used so far; I want to pace myself. I'm already a fan of the Magic Eraser so the whole citrus smell is an added bonus. I've found that it works great in the bathtub on yucky hard water stains.

Next I'm going to use the Mr. Clean household multipurpose cleaner with Febreze Meadows and Rain scent. It kinda smells like Windex and fruit, but I don't want to rush to judgment.

Up next: the Lavender Vanilla Comfort Swiffer dusters. I bet it relaxes you while dusting. Hypnotic household cleaning. Nice.

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