Friday, June 26, 2009

Don't Cry for Me Argentina

Finally, infidelity done right.

I'll tell you what I like about this story; and believe me, there's not a lot to like. In fact, it's really not even news. Politician has adulterous affair. Yawn.

But, unlike Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Edwards and Dina McGreevey, Jenny Sanford is NOT dutifully standing by her wayward man.

The South Carolina governor admitted to having an affair with another woman from Argentina. As he made the public announcement, his wife didn't hold his hand and look longingly into his tear-filled eyes as he told the world he was a dirtbag.

No, she agreed and told him to move out. Of the governors mansion.

Now, I'm not hoping that this marriage is over and Jenny ends up with a reality show where she and the Govennah take turns living in the mansion. In fact, I hope they are able to reconcile and work this out.
in fact, she has stated, she intends to give Mark "every opportunity to resurrect the marriage."
But I love love love that she refused to play the martyr and had the backbone to spare her dignity and show some good 'ol Southern grit. She was the one who orchestrated his political career. He sabotaged it.
Good for you, Jenny. Run for Governor.

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