Saturday, May 26, 2007

Survival of the Wettest

I survived the party. The house is finally quiet. The party went relatively well even though I feel like I aged 20 years.

The day was a blur of squirt guns, barefooted boys running through the house leaving a trail of water behind them, tissue paper being flung from gift bags, birthday cake and ice cream melting on abandoned plates and lots and lots of squealing.

The next milestone birthday isn't for another 18 months. I intend to spend everyday until then in rehab.

*Note to self: Rethink the squirt gun/ water balloon idea.

Although, a friend of mine let us borrow her life size sling shot, you know, the kind that takes three people to use and is made with surgical tubing. In a moment of brilliance, I came up with this killer game idea. I told the kids that if they could catch a water balloon as it was being launched 20 feet in the air at warp speed, they would win a prize. From the second story window, the "adults" in the house launched water balloons directly at the little devils for a good three minutes.

Is it my fault they don't grasp the concept of physics? That was good for a few laughs until the smart ones wandered off. Sissies.


Ron Ward said...

By the looks of things you aged more then twenty years. Do you have teeth? Where are they?

christina said...

Teeth? Who needs teeth? I hear they are overrated...