Friday, May 25, 2007

Party like it's $19.99

Birthday Parties. They sure aren't what they used to be. What happened to cake and ice cream and red punch in paper cups? What happened to cheering wildly while some poor kid is forced to blindly stick something on a donkey's butt? What happened to opening a few presents and going home?

I don't think my mom ever spent more than $19.99 on any of my birthday parties. And that was the combined total for my entire childhood.

Today I will attempt a birthday for Dylan who is turning the big 1-0. Double digits. We told our kids that we would have one big party for them when they hit double digits and then another big one when they hit triple digits. We try to keep expectations low, that way they're surprised when we do something unexpected.

We have invited 20 fourth graders. It's the entire class because we didn't want to exclude anyone, even though I have a list of kids I'd like to personally hit with a water balloon.

The plan was to have water balloons, squirt guns, soccer, volleyball, outdoor games, outdoor food and outdoor bathrooms. HEY! We could use the port-o-johns that are in our front yard! Plaid Nation won't mind, they're on a three day weekend.

But, now it's supposed to rain. Now is when I'm going to officially freak out. Would it be wrong of me to stay inside with the doors locked?

I need some chocolate. Where are those goody bags? Those kids don't need all that chocolate.


Steph VG said...

Speaking of chocolate, you must go here

christina said...

Haha. I've seen that one. The comic, that is, not that restaurant.