Thursday, May 24, 2007

For Women Only 2

Not so favorite Word of the Day

delectation \dee-lek-TAY-shun\, noun:

Great pleasure; delight, enjoyment.

If you look at the pronunciation of this word, it sounds remarkably like lactation. Lactation, at least for me, is not a great pleasure, delight or enjoyment. And when you're a lactating mom with twins, everything is double. EVERYTHING. And eventually a lot lower.

How can it be enjoyable to walk around with two large napkins stuffed into your bra, just in case you spring a leak? Who wants to wear a bra with a trap door? That whole lactation, nursing bra thing is like a homeopathic solution to birth control. Forget Lybrel, hold on to your nursing bra.

No, I won't be using this word.

It might go right into the same category as the S---M word.

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