Wednesday, May 23, 2007

For Women Only

The FDA has approved use of the drug Lybrel, the no period promising birth control pill. After reading some of the press releases about this miracle drug, I'm still left with a couple questions.

1. Did a man invent this? If so, I'm automatically skeptical. It's like a male OB trying to describe what giving birth should feel like. The Wyeth PR statement used Dr. Ginger Constantine to speak on behalf of the drug maker. In a breezy, non sales pitchy voice, she states,

"For those women seeking contraceptive options and who are interested in putting their period on hold," says Constantine, M.D., Vice President, Women's Health Care, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Lybrel may be an appropriate choice."

What? endorsed by a woman who's probably making more money that I ever could even if I auctioned my own liver on ebay? Who's not interested in putting their period on hold? It sounds so easy, like everyone has a giant, programmable uterus and they've just discovered the motherboard. Solid marketing ploy. Solid.

2. Later in the article, it says, "Of those who took Lybrel for a full year, about 40 percent still had intermittent spotting and 20 percent had bleeding heavy enough to require the use of a sanitary napkin or tampon." Isn't that kinda like a period with a surprise attack?

Maybe someday we'll all be period free, but we have to consider the consequences: No period=No PMS=No chocolate binges.
Is it really worth it?

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