Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon OR Kate Plus 8?

In the big announcement on TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8, both parents agreed to stop the constant filming and take a break to get counseling and heal the family.

I totally agree. What parent wants to put their kids through the trauma of a divorce and then play it over and over on season re-runs?

Oh, wait. That's not quite accurate. What did they say? The show must go on... The parents will revolve in and out of the house, presumably dragging more baggage and different bedfellows with them.

It wasn't great TV to begin with. Jon & Kate Plus 8. How weird that "reality" shows are anything but realistic.

I thought the most bizarre moment occurred when the kids were sitting down saying, "Shh... we're trying to do an interview."

What have we done when we raise kids believing that all the world actually WANTS to gather around them and stoop down to document each and every precious word? Let's be honest, sometimes I zone out and give the obligatory head nod, ummhmmm.

Or that everyone knows what they had for dinner last night, ala The Truman Show? Or that they can demand attention and the latest toys multiplied by 8? Can you imagine how disrupting and dysfunctional these kids will grow up being if they are accustomed to a film crew and a truck that deliverers goodies during sweeps season?

My recommendation for special guest: Dr. Phil.
Will the show go on? What's on the schedule for upcoming episodes? Will it be Jon and his girlfriend have a sleepover? Jon and Kate break the bad news to the kids? Kate goes on a shopping spree and is confronted by angry viewers? Sextuplets act up in school when teacher refuses to film spelling bee? Kate goes on a date? Jon and kids hit the clubs because "he's only 32?"

What will we be watching? If we watch the demise of a family, what does that say about our society? TLC=The Learning Channel. I'm learning more about myself and this world and I don't like what I see.

I honestly hope they can save this family. Forget the show, save the marriage.


Holland said...

Amen! and what does it say about us that we are obsessed with watching the demise of a marriage. If we were'nt so would the money be there for kate and jon to continue their blatant selfishness? (I dont care that she says the show was for the kids)(not nice words are all I can think of for that kind of ludicrosity)(yes i totally made up a word!)hmmm i think this post may have hit a nerve.

christina said...

I agree Holland. If it were "all for the kids" then we wouldn't be seeing much more of J&K. But wat I thinkk they meant was, "it's all for the kids, just after fame and fortune."

christina said...

I clearly used spell check...