Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Get 'em while they still got 'em

A recent finance report came out on Yahoo!. I know. Big Deal. The big deal is that Krispy Kreme might go out of business.

Perhaps you don't have a Krispy Kreme near you. Perhaps you don't know that a person can buy a HOT glazed donut, just as it's coming off the conveyor belt of goodness, right after it is lovingly bathed in a waterfall of sugary glaze. It is what the White Witch of Narnia would call, "Turkish Delight." It's moral demise in a cardboard box. It will rot your soul and your teeth. Delicious.


Did you know...

You can take your kids' report cards into a Krispy Kreme and they will give you a  FREE donut for every A your child receives. FREE! So let's see...

5 kids
6 A's each


Who needs dinner? Get yours now before they decide this deal is what's driving them out of business.


Merri said...

This is a much higher opinion of Krispy Kreme than I seem to remember coming from you...(I recall you once affectionately referring to it as Krispy Kra*). Or maybe this is just sweet revenge for you and Kevin?? :)

christina said...

Wow, you have a sharp memory. I still don't think highly of the company but I'm not above using them to suit my own means. Do you have KK in Thailand??? Do you have donuts??

Merri said...

Yes, doughnuts have made there way to Thailand. They have some pretty good ones, but no KK's. Sigh. Once I stood at a busy downtown intersection with a couple of business men and in there hands were 2-3 boxes of (fresh, I assume) KK doughnuts. I could have died. It took everything in me not to approach them and ask where they got those! I am sure they had just landed in Bangkok from HongKong or Singapore, both have Krispy Kreme.

christina said...

Is Hong Kong too far to go for donuts?