Monday, December 8, 2008

You're a Mean One, Mrs. Grinch

I ran into a friend at the grocery store tonight and she said, "I posted a comment on your blog." Of course my first reaction was, "What blog??"

I'm clearly blogging at a vapid pace. At least it's not a month in between posts. I'm getting better, pacing myself. The fact is, since I started working full time (about 50 hrs a week) and maintaining the same number of children (5) I have no energy to write, type or even stare blankly at a computer screen.

Kudos to working moms everywhere who can do all that I can't! The house is quite now except for the swirling sounds of Monday night football and my husband's snoring. Tomorrow is Superhero Day at school for pre-homecoming festivities known as spirit week. I've been absolutely unsuccessful at talking my 14 year old into being Wonder Woman. Somehow I couldn't sell the bustier and magic bracelets.

There are four other Christmas class parties to prepare for. All the classroom moms have written their annual Christmas party letters on festive, holly berry pocked printer paper. You know, the letters saying, "You're not going to be here with your own child but can you manage to send in some drinks and a veggie tray?"

I sense my Grinchness coming out. I'm feeling pooped. Does this get easier? Just how many "today I made homemade fudge using the milk from the goat calf I milked this morning" conversations am I going to have to grin through???

Bah humbug.


Ron Ward said...

Hang in there, a day will come when all your hard work will be rewarded. A day will come when your little ones will tell you so many thank yous. A day will come when the snoring will relax you. Just hang in there, you will be rewarded..

... said...
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Val said...

That is the part of Christmas season that drives me crazy and turns me into a Mrs. Grinch too. As for the goat milk, fudge making, granola moms...I know far too many of them. Gotta love homeschoolers.

Caytie said...

your funny!!! well I don't work...well actually I do but don't collect a paycheck..I'm employed by 4 children 12 and under. I am a homeschooler without a goat or any other animal that needs milking...and I still have a hard time with the crafty gifts that are given to "shock-n-awe" us mothers who don't possess these hidden talents to make us feel somewhat delinquent in our maternal abilities. I must say I have fallen prey to attempting these ideas of gift giving only to find that I have alienated my family in the process. I wish I could say that my boys hand carved a nativity scene (one that would only amount to kindling) and that my girls have just finished up sewing their christmas dresses....but that will never be...not in this lifetime. And you know, I'm okay with it!