Sunday, November 16, 2008

I heart Po.

Hudson, age 7: "Kung Fu Panda is great, right mom? There's no bad words or bad stuff. It's rated E for Everyone."

Mom: "Actually, that rating is for games. Movies are rated with different letters. It's probably rated G."

Hudson: "Oh, right, right. G means Good for Grandparents."

Incidentally, Kung Fu Panda is rated PG, for 'martial arts fighting sequences.'

I draw some serious zen like peace from Po, the big fat Panda. I like that he doesn't have to go into training and slim down in order to save the village. He trains alright, but they work with his plus size figure.

How abnormal is it that I'm connecting with a cartoon character?

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Stacy :) said...

I connected in the same way. He embraces his fatness. I loved that most about the movie as I heaped on another helping of popcorn. I am not a fat mom. I am THE fat mom. Also, my Chase informed me that mummies will rise from the dead and chase you around until they can kill you. "What are you talking about?" Hudson told me. Hmmmm. I blame you.