Monday, August 18, 2008

Iron Maiden, toe fungus and Kung Pao peppers

Bi-monthly blogging; that's what I'm about. Sure, the world is captivated by the Olympics right now, so that would be a great topic to blog about. And I will, just not right now. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Olympics.
When I found myself laughing hysterically at the men's hammer throw at 2 a.m. this morning, I had to cut myself off. Olympic intervention.

I definitely won't talk about school starting soon. That is one S-word that has been banned at our house.

I have been on a coupon induced shopping binge. You know, the grocery game type thing where you clip coupons and then shop at just the right time so you can buy things for next to nothing. It's great fun. I like saving money. The thing is, you have to stockpile stuff you may not need at the moment. For instance, I saved over $50 at Walgreen's, just by clipping coupons and buying stuff I'll keep until just the right moment.

Some of the stuff I'll use now and some I'll save for later. I'm a little compromised as to the wisdom of stockpiling. For instance, I saved like 92% off the price of some over the counter meds.

I don't have toe fungus now, but if and when I do get it, I'll be ready. I have enough to cover every toe in ou rfamily for the enxt 14 years. See what I mean?

My other fun summer activity has been stocking our deep freeze. I know, with a family of 7, I should know how to stock a deep freeze. Well I do. With ice cream. Now, I've started baking extra meals just to get ready for the crazy school year schedule. Because I don't bake often, when the kids smell something good in our house, they come to investigate the source. A typical conversation would go something like this:

"Mmmm. That smells good. When are we having that?"

"Maybe in October."

"We can't eat it now, we have to wait for you to freeze it, thaw it, reheat it and then eat it?"

"That's right. Go run outside barefoot; see what kind of fungus you can get."

My other little bout with domesticity has been gardening. I, who can't keep a cactus from dying, have planted a garden. In my little garden, there are puny green beans, underachieving cauliflower, and kung pao peppers. Yes, kung pao peppers.
In my horticultural wisdom, I opted for some of the hottest peppers known to man instead of tomatoes.

My thinking is that every Sunday when I walk into church, farmerettes are trying to give away their over abundant stock of tomatoes. I'll use the free tomatoes and grow my own veggies to share. Oh sure, no one wants to make kung pao salad or kung pao soup with grilled cheese. No wonder they were on sale.

What else is new....oh yes, Rock Band.
The boys saved up their money to buy Rock Band for the xBox 360. It is fun and addicting, but I underestimated the influence the game would have on the little kids. Really, the night is complete until you hear your 7 year old belting out some Iron Maiden lyrics.


Anonymous said...

ah yes.......rock band. we have a similar thing going on here with guitar hero. i hate having to run after brendan yelling 'we do NOT sing HAIR OF THE DOG!'

the kung pao peppers sound intriguing...........

Cayte S. Hirschberg said...

I'm still laughing over the coupons!! Because a couple of years ago I also set out to play the game of coupons. I found that my freezer was filled with Friendly's frozen dessert logs,(by the way, they are gooooood!! bags and bags of baby shrimp(you know the shrimp salad that a mother of 4 makes every day!)boxes and boxes of brownies(after all for 19 cents, why not)needless to say the weight just piled on the whole family cause it was there!! If you do have a Rite Aid you can get lots of free stuff with mailing in rebates!! By the way, are you thinking about homeschooling your kids?

christina said...

Yes, it sounds like a good idea but 72 cans of tuna fish later. No, I'm not home schooling cayte, but I am teaching at school. I feel like I live there so in a way it's my home.