Monday, August 18, 2008

Gloria Steinem, where are you?


Make no mistake, I'm not a feminist, or a 30-something married with kids ogling meaneater. But, really, is this fair? Is it equal? Shouldn't men be forced to play in the equivalent attire? Clearly it's not a necessary uniform, otherwise we'd have to watch the men play in a Speedo? EEEWW. No.

Am I an old fashioned prude by thinking that the women are placating the 'good ole boys' network by being eye candy first and athletes second? Can't women be in the Olympics fully clothed? Dignity intact, with no sand wedgies?

Google beach volleyball images and see how many of the images are being admired for their ball handling skills. Am I jealous? Sure, I haven't worn a bikini since the third grade.

When will these women be appreciated for their raw athletic ability and skill and not for the barely there bikini? Women should be allowed to play, regardless of what they wear. The media coverage is blatantly self serving.

Would women's beach volleyball get the same amount media coverage if the women were wearing the same attire as the men? No. Of course not. They would be on at 2 a.m. with the ugly shot puters.

Are we all suffering from Stockholm syndrome, the syndrome where a victim subconsciously identifies with her captors? We have justified the demeaning mandate and caved into the subliminal requirements.

What do we expect of our daughters? When I watch my daughter watching women's beach volleyball, what does she see? Does she see the technique, speed, ball control and strength? Sure. But she also sees that these women wear next to nothing and that's the main attraction. One commentator was counting hugs between players.

What do our daughters see? That she can't play this sport because she doesn' like the way she looks in a swim suit? Does she see the medals around the necks of champions or does she them as chains, pulled and led by the bearers of such praise?

Exhibit A:

USA men enjoy the comfort of shorts AND a shirt.

Exhibit B:

A popular angle used by photographers.

What does your daughter see?


Ron said...

I fully agree with you. Yes, your right. Let's see... four more years and we'll see the change in attire.

christina said...

We'll see. Hopefully they don't decide that men need to play in a Speedo.

Cayte said...

Loved that you posted this!!! Felt the same way!! My oldest son, is hugely into sports of any kind and we watch them together a lot. He was watching the volleyball with me and at one point I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing by allowing him to. Absolutely no need for them to dress so skimpy. I don't care how great your body is how can that possibly be comfortable, seriously?!! Not only are they "bikinis" but they are low risers that leave nothing to the imagination!! Why aren't the softball and basketball players dressing like that even the gymnasts have a full piece on...let alone the guys of course!!
Speedos..ugh hopefully not, I could barely watch the diving because of that reason!!!

Anonymous said...

wow,it's amazing how alike we think. every single thing you said i was thinking. i also hope they don't decide the men need to play in speedos. ever since the beefy boy who lived across the back fence decided to sunbathe in HIS speedo, i haven't been right.

Brandi said...

That about covers it, well, ok, not so much, but you know what I mean. Thanks for saying it. I spend a lot of time being concerned about what is said about and to my girls, but to have kids constantly exposed to so much...flesh....just begs for insecurities at the inability of being able to meet up. It should definitely change, unfortunately, I think we are the kind of people in the minority...