Friday, May 16, 2008

Nothing says 'I Love You' like a stink weed

These are my Mother's Day lilies. They are HUGE. Huge like the size of my head, huge. My husband ordered them from These are the best flowers ever. I haven't killed them yet. My Pepto-pink Valentine's Day flowers were also from the same place, and they were the biggest roses I've seen not on a Rose Bowl Day parade float.

Anyway, these mammoth lilies are also aromatic. Some might say, overpowering. My four boys call them 'stink weeds.' Hudson, my 7 year old with bionic olfactory abilities, refuses to eat dinner at the table if the stink weeds are there. Apparently the scent of food and nature don't mix with his delicate culinary palette.

Usually he has the sniffing abilities of a coon dog. I was beginning to think I'd bred some sort of mutant superhero who could smell trouble a galaxy away. Then I caught him upstairs sniffing some flowers I was using to make a wreath.

"These smell better than that stink weed," he says.

"Those are fake flowers," I said.

"That's my point."

Forget the superhero. I'm raising a super smart alec.

PS I apologize for the picture quality. I used my cell phone. I guess if you leave your phone at the bottom of your purse it can get clogged with stuff, like q-tips and cracker crumbs and foot powder stuff. Don't ask.

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