Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

My word. It's freezing outside. The temperature is a balmy 4 degrees. We're supposed to get 5 to 7 inches of snow tonight. Snow day?? That would be heavenly. Snuggling in bed, hot chocolate and lots and lots of warm feet. My daughter will stay and read books with me in bed but the won't take long before my bed turns into a WWE wrestling arena. Not good for hot chocolate.

I've been amused by the weather forecasts and the meteorologists who are straining to think up creative ways to say "It's *&%#! Cold."

Last night I watched on the edge of my seat as the news person poured water into ice cube trays and then set them next to a clock. We watched eagerly as the water iced over at the 15 minute mark. 45 minutes later she twisted that ice cube tray on live TV and to the delight of the viewing audience, ice cubes dove to the ground below.

My favorite report tonight involved possible appendage amputation due to frost bite. To illustrate the importance of keeping your skin covered in the extreme temps, "Chuck" demonstrated what his skin looked like after being exposed to the cold. White and wrinkly. I think it may have already been white and wrinkly.

Then, we hear a nice, warm studio voice say, "What happens when you take off your hat Chuck?" Chuck takes off his hat. Watch Chuck shiver.

"What does it feel like when you take off your coat, Chuck?" Watch Chuck freeze.

"Wow. We can see from our heat sensing camera thingamabob that you are loosing body heat quickly, Chuck. What happens when you take off your gloves?" Watch Chuck loose his fingers.

"Chuck, what happens to you when...?” Good luck Chuck.

Newsflash: No need to abuse poor Chuck. Most of know how cold it is outside. I just made ice cubes.


Heard in our house tonight from a six year old: "Wow. My armpit feels good." Never underestimate the joy of discovering an overlooked body part.

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