Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Breaking News! I found some great web sites that offer giveaways! I know to most of you, this little revelation is akin to saying, "I found something called Velcro shoes" or "Have you ever tried something called a Big Mac?"

Nevertheless, sweetnsimpledesign.com is giving away a free blog design until January 31st. Can you imagine not using a template? I found the contest here.

I saw a delightfully carefree design I would love to have, with whimsical curves and scrolls in peaceful, placid colors like coral and sage. It reminded me of a warm bubble bath; relaxing yet informative.

My blog design is blech. It's rigid and stagnant and it looks like hummus.

It feels like a hummus bath.

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Karen said...

Hey Christina!
Thanks for visiting my blog and sorry about the severe gross out. I am sorry that I don't remember your face from my Moody visit. I met so many people that weekend with Merri.

I've enjoyed looking at your blog. You are a crack up. I love your sense of humor!