Monday, May 21, 2007

Seeing is Believing

This is Sascha, our Siberian Husky. She's pretty.

This is Sascha shedding, or "blowing" her winter coat. See all that white fluff that looks like the inside of a cigarette? Yeah, it's husky fluff. You can pull it out by the handful.

This is after a few minutes of brushing. I was stupid and didn't believe the books that said huskies shed a lot. (Even though the book was called Siberian Huskies for Dummies.) I could knit an entire wardrobe from the amount of dog hair that I now have in my house. Except I can't knit. And a dog hair shirt would make me sneeze.

Here's a word to the wise: Be ye not so stupid. Huskies shed an absurd, almost inexplicable amount of dog hair. But, she's still pretty.

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