Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Remember Me?

I just spent the last four days chaperoning a senior class trip to the Smoky Mountains. I learned some refreshing life lessons:

1. I'm not 18 years old and therefore cannot begin my day fueling up on Pop-Tarts.

2. I can survive a white water rafting excursion with a raft guide half my size, half my age, dreadlocks, tattoos and a southern slur. And I'm not talking about an accent.

3. At this age, some couples actually STILL want to make out in the back of the bus.

4. Guitar hero, pool and a loaded arcade room is bliss, sheer bliss, especially until 3 a.m.

When I returned home from the trip, my six year old says, "Oh, so that's what you look like. I kinda forgot, but I did remember that you had curly hair."


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