Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jesus, Sketchers and Buns of Steel?

The book I read this year that changed my life has won an award for Christan Book of the Year 2010. The Hole in our Gospel by Richard Stearns, president of World Vision. After reading this I found myself Internet stalking a church in South Africa, and then making arrangements to go! And I do want to share this story, and encourage you, no, implore, plead, demand, pester, nettle, cajole and beg you to read the book. But first, this question:

Do those fitness Sketchers Shape-Ups really work?  According to the website, for $110 they: 1. Tone your muscles 2. Promote healthy weight loss 3. Make it easy to get in shape! Extended Fitness lace-up toning sneaker. Everyone has to walk so why not get in shape at the same time right?

There's a mom on my son's soccer team who wears these every time I see her and she has killer buns of steel. Surely these must work.

But then, I read several reviews that said they are a waste of money and I should just go to a gym. "They will only work your ankle and foot," said the expert. Well, phooey.

To top off my skepticism,  I've discovered the buns-of-steel-soccer-mom is a plastic surgeon. So, is it worth it to walk around on shoes that resemble the bottom of a boat?

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Tracy said...

Hole in the Gospel - amazing. I've listened to about 3/4 of it but now can't get my iPod to pick it back up! May have to break down and buy the book..

Thanks for the comment - I'm in a bloggy rut so comment love is much needed! And the shoes?? I can't say $105 would be worth shoes that look like boats. Save it for your Africa trip. That's DEF. worth the money.