Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy

I know. How lame to write about absolutely nothing and when I do it's something unrelated to the Christmas season. Today actress Brittany Murphy died in her home of what appears to be natural causes. She wasn't a wildly well-known actress but I did like her in Girl, Interrupted. Although the earliest report stated 'cardiac arrest' as a cause for the 32-year olds death.
When I saw these past pictures, there is something noticeably different about her. The bottom two pictures are from 2006 and the top one is from December, 2009.

I don't want to speculate about her death or lifestyle but there's noticeably less of Brittany Murphy in the most recent photo. I wonder how much the pressure to be thin in Hollywood has to do with this? How irrevocably sad to think that someone as beautiful as she, might have thought she wasn't good enough.

Even if this is not the reason for her death, 'not being good enough' is the reason for a lot of 'death' in women today. Even if women aren't physically dead, if we are living in only a half-fulfilled state, that's not living life. So many times I catch myself thinking, "When I weigh 30 pounds less, I'll be happy."

That is not true. Happiness is knowing that the privilege of waking up tomorrow and living one more day with those we love is an incredible miracle. So I'm not a size 4. Don't waste it being unhappy.

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