Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Barbie Bobblehead too Big for Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Model fired for being too fat.

If your hips are smaller than your head, there's a problem. This Photoshop gone wild pic was 'fixed' presumably because the model ballooned to a size 4.

When I was little, my parents banned any and all Barbies from the home. I thought it was because I had brothers and they were fascinated with the plastic body parts. Turns out my parents were probably on to something. Barbie never got fat, had to be Photoshopped and then was fired. But, she was ideal, according to Mattel.

Since when do we let men tell us what's ideal and what's not? My mother may have tried to sneak alphalpha herbs into my breakfast cereal, but I admire the proactive interest in letting me believe that little girls didn't have to have curves and a rack in order to be happy.

Maybe someone should tell Mr. Ralph Lauren that girls aren't plastic Barbies. And some of us would wouldn't mind being a size 4.

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Sande said...

Guess what! She did get fat ....