Wednesday, July 22, 2009

High tech coupons at your fingertips

$62.83. That's how much moolah I saved grocery shopping at Meijer this week. Guaranteed the 17 boxes of cereal I bought will be gone before August. I use military-like strategy to save that much money. And I'm an amateur compared to some.

As much as I love the horrified face of the pubescent cashier when I shove a mountain of coupons at him, there's an even easier way to clip coupons.

Proctor and Gamble will automatically load coupons onto your store's loyalty card. For instance, I signed up for the service, chose the coupons I might use and gave them the number to my Kroger Plus card. Not exactly top cyberspace security, but I'm good with that.

Next time I'm at Kroger and buy kitty litter, the coupon will automatically be deducted. And I don't even have to clip the coupon. I would have to buy a cat, however.

There are other sites that offer the same service. Also, next time you buy online and look longingly at the blank discount code box, check discount code finders such as this one. Don't be left out of a possible deduction.


Holland said...

this is awesome! thanks i have a pile of clipped coupons in my car but that is as far as they ever make it. half the time they plead with me to stay there and not embarass them by bringing them inside. and the other half of the time I am a forgetful and neclectful mother and leave them expiring in the car.

christina said...

I find it helpful but nothing takes away the consumer high that comes from bilking a store out of a profit through its own means.