Wednesday, May 27, 2009

100 Uses for Duct Tape, this is NOT one of them

Catch Phrase Clue:

Ethan: "What you take your eyebrows off with."

Dylan: "Duct Tape."

True story. Painfully true story. Before I could stop my ingenious little 8-year old, he slapped a strip of duct tape across his eyes as a makeshift pinata blindfold. Ugh. This could replace water boarding as a form of torture.

A family moment that will prove advantageous for years of game night fun. Plus, Ethan's eyebrows are growing back quite nicely.


Ron Ward said...

Oh my word, that had to be a terible nightmere. Don't let the current administration know what had happened, they'll raise your taxes.

christina said...

Yes, it was horrifying. Little blonde hairs on the back side of the duct tape...Or they may call children's services. Oh, wait until you hear the latest mothering fiasco..