Wednesday, November 5, 2008

...I want you to want to read this

Really interesting read from the New Yorker: "Why are so many evangelical girls getting pregnant?"


Caytie said...

I can't necessarily tell you why there are more teenage pregnancies amongst evangelicals...but I could speculate a little...
1. naivety(sp.?)or cluelessness amongst parents.
2. Overly authoritarian parents who just lay down the rules without discussions.
3. Dad's who aren't invested in their daughters lives...little or not at all.
4. Teens who really want to do what is right, and honor God but fall prey to temptation in the moment.
5. Teens being able to date way, way, way, way, way to early!!
6. Parents who are way to permissive.
7. Parents who don't hold fast to the notion that teens should wait and fall prey to the "it's too impossible, they are all doing it"
I could go on and on.....
There is also a factor that I know some of my friends had to deal with which is they learned about sex from kids at school and or their mothers portrayed sex as "bad" and "a chore" instead of the beautiful gift that God intended it to be within the confines of marriage.
My mother was pregnant with me before my dad and her got married. She too was from a very godly, christian family....but she did not have much of a relationship with her father at all. Whether or not that had anything to do with it...I don't know...but I do know that the first couple of years were tough due to the guilt she felt...Not living within the freedom of the cross. Anyway, that's my input from the peanut gallery!!!

christina said...

I think some of those things were discussed in this article, which was very provocative, by the way. So you're on to something. I think this article is a must read for anyone who has pre-teens or teenagers. Yikes, that's me.