Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Movie Recommendation...from the Great Tattoo

When my 30 year old brother recommends a "a good family movie" I tend to wince. He usually recommends movies or shows with the words 'blood sport, cage fighting, tap out, and mixed martial arts' in the title. He also likes tattoos. Nothing wrong with tattoos, he just has a lot. Stereotypically speaking, he doesn't exactly fit the part of family movie critic.

But this time, he was right. Although it's two years old, I just got around to watching The Ultimate Gift. Sure, sure it's got its cheesy moments, and it's a bit long, but it's heartwarming and thoughtful and teaches some down right great life lessons.

It stars Abigail Breslin, James Garner, Brian Dennehey and scads of great actors. My little 7 year olds got restless but the older crowd stayed pretty much glued to the TV. Although it can be categorized as a 'Christian' movie, it has some great actors who do some great acting. Thus, unlike Facing the Giants, lends itself to public recommendation.

The Ultimate Gift should not be confused with the New York Times story: The Ultimate Gift: 50 years of Organ Transplants. Also, a great gift.

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Val said...

We loved that movie too. Definitely refreshing.