Wednesday, June 25, 2008

32 Days!?

Seriously, I've been doing lots of blogging lately. Topics and conversations rolled around in my head for weeks. They just never saw the light of day.

Summer, glorious summertime is here. No homework, no paper grading, no confiscating cell phones with lewd messages on them. Oh wait, that was me.

So far, I've filled every conceivable waking moment with even more activities, chores and projects to do. It's summer vacation yet we act like it's the end times and we have three months to cram in every activity known to man.

I've narrowed my list to just the summer time necessities: swimming, biking, vacation...Although learning Hebrew could go either way. No significant news yet, except Ethan, our 7 year old, pitch forked his own foot. Thankfully, it didn't go all the way through his foot. It did merit a trip to the ER, where I used my "frequent customer card." You know, after 10 visits, the eleventh visit is FREE.

If you haven't already seen this video, you should check it out for inspiration:
Also, there's a catchy video about learning the Hebrew 'aleph bet'. You'll get hooked on these phonics, baby

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Guinevere Meadow said...

Goosebumps AND a few tears on that