Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American *yawn* Idol

I took a huge amount of space commenting on my friend PandoraWilde's post over at so I thought I should probably use my OWN space to comment on American Idol this week.

I totally agree with her on Brooke's shoe performance. It is hard to play the piano in high heels. Who wouldn't take off their shoe to play? She's not a mannequin and that's refreshing. But, you know what, I grow weary of the pouty mouth, combination head tilt/sad eyes. We need a good week.

Gosh darn it if David Cook put out a CD today I'd buy it. I have a feeling he'll be around a while, long after American Idol.

Jason Castro.
Seriously, where DID he come from? No one is that beautiful without a price, right? Maybe the Internet rumors are true and he really did sell his soul for those good looks. He's going to be in a GAP ad, I can sense it.

Anyway, when Mariah was 'meeting' with Kristy Lee, did you sense any artificial complements? For instance, "I like the way you sang that better than how I did. You're doing a really good job." Um. OK Mariah.

I've grown bored with everyone except Jason Castro and David Cook.


Pand0ra Wilde said...

Totally agree with you on David Cook--not only is he talented but he shows a great sense for pulling out the hook of a song and he will sell amazing amounts of records whether he wins or not.

Just wanted to let you know I don't mind long comments on the Idol posts--I love to see what other people think.

Birdie said...

i couldn't agree with you more. That Brooke and her lip lifts - goodness! I hope Jason takes it all. I'm tiring of David Cooks garbly signing though he really blows me out of the water sometimes. He's a good entertainer.