Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter, please, without snow.

What do you do for Easter? My cousin Holland has probably hand stitched matching dresses from the individual petals of imported Costa Rican flora.

There's something about the celebration of Easter and the beginning of Spring; church services in vibrant purple; tulips and sunshine and family gatherings; Easter egg hunts and melting chocolate bunnies. I love Easter. If I lived in the South, I'd be wearing a wide brimmed hat ala Jackie O and elegant white gloves.

It's Good Friday. Ordinarily I would have the family Easter outfits color coordinated in various shades of Spring along with new Easter shoes which come with specific instructions NOT to be worn before Easter. Offenses are punishable by $500 fines and imprisonment. Hair ribbons, clean socks, shiny hair~it's a tradition.

But not this year. I can't even muster enough gumption to go to Target. We've just recovered from a blizzard a mere week ago. Guess what's in the forecast: SNOW.

Needless to say I've been highly unmotivated to get ready for Easter. No Easter baskets, no egg coloring, no jelly beans, no Peeps, no fuzzy bunnies...because THOSE are the Easter essentials...No, I'll be getting out the snow shovels and long underwear.

Instead of wearing these cute sandals:

I'll be wearing these:I wonder if Jesus would mind if I postponed our Easter until next week? Besides, EVERYONE knows if you can't wear your new shoes, it just can't be Easter.


wornoutwoman said...

Too funny! I have no idea what I or my family are wearing. It's snuck up on me this year. I may not wear anything special and just go enjoy the service. Although I have children's church duty tomorrow...yikes there's gonna be a loooot of kids to monitor. Sounds like I'm gonna have a fun time> :>

Caffeine Court said...

I'll be sporting my Ugg boots and down coat this Easter...maybe I'll throw a straw hat to complete the look!

melody is slurping life said...

LOL. You are definitely allowed to postpone your dress-up portion of Easter for next weekend. Love the shoes...not the fuzzy ones. :)

Mr Lady said...

I feel like I SHOULD feel wrong for really, really loving the boots. I'd pick those anyday. Mmmm, boots.