Monday, March 10, 2008

Blog Paaarty! Everyone over the age of 12 admitted.

I love the idea of a blog party. It’s like having an open house without the happy hostess face.

If I lived in the Deep South, like I’ve always wanted to, I’d be serving sweet tea on my porch. But I don’t. Come to think of it, I’ve never visited the Deep South, but I’m sure they serve sweet tea. I live in central Ohio where we recently were dealt record snowfall during what is being creatively billed by the weather community as "The Blizzard of 2008." Those meteorologists are pithy bunch.

Over 20 inches of snow fell and blew and blew and fell. It’s the most we’ve had since 1910, which I can barely remember.

So instead of having a spring themed party, we’re going to have a Snow Party. Sledding,
snowball fights, two-headed snowmen,

get to know our snow dog Sascha,
drift diving, and *possibly a snow sculpture or two.

.. Afterward, we’ll warm our hands and sip hot chocolate by the fireplace. Sure, it might sound good in December, but it’s almost Easter! Imagine going to Easter services in thermal underwear!

Anyway, any party which requires no cleaning, I’m all for. I especially like visiting other blog parties because I can go in my pajamas. I’d love to get to know other moms. The less perfect you are, the more we’ll have in common.

I don't really write about any one thing in particular, although my favorite posts are about our minivan; mainly for the humiliation factor.

As you can see, I've cobbled together this blog and it looks like my 7 year old is my technical advisor. If you want to leave a technical tip or help, that would be wonderful!

Thanks for visiting!

*I'm not responsible for this sculpture. Some of my students did this, it's pretty fantastic.


Toby Parsons said...

CUTE blog! Welcome to the blog party! I can't imagine all that snow. The most we had this year is 14 inches. I am SO thankful it has all been gone now for 3 weeks or so. We live in Western Washington. Some 'freak' years we can get up to as much as 3 feet.

Easter will be memorable for you this year. :)

Please stop by my party! I'd love to see you there.

Milk Mama said...

Hey happy partying! I'm glad it's March, too! I'm sick of all of the rain here in the Northwest! >:(

Angi said...

Welcome to the party! I live in North Carolina - south, but not too deep. Our temps here should be 70. I don't like tea - but my family does. I don't make tea - but McDonalds and Bojangles do - so that will have to sufice. Enjoy the snow - we wish we had had some of that this winter!

Kwana said...

Welcome to the party. Sorry about all that snow. Yikes.

We are THAT family said...

It's never to late to party! Welcome. What an awesome blog you have! Hop over to mine, so we can meet. Blessings!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Hi! I'm in the South- actually further south than what is considered "deep South"-- I'm in Southern Florida, but with all the Yankees(I mean snowbirds) who come here, we really lose a lot of the southern culture.

But yes, we serve iced tea. Come on over to my place where it's WARM and I'll serve you up some ice-cold sweet tea!

ValleyGirl said...

I wish you lived in the deep south too -- this kind of party is all too familiar where I'm from!!! You're a very witty woman and you've got my kind of sense of humour. I'm sure I'll be back!!

JoLynn Braley said...

Ok, that's the first time I've ever seen a 2 headed snowman - that's just hilarious, really!

Thanks for the pic, it made my day - have fun at the blog party! :)