Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol

The real person having an 'off' night last night on American Idol was Simon Cowell. His usually abrasive yet lovable personality seemed downright cantankerous, like he missed his nap time, or 50.

He called David Cook's performance 'predictable.' A Whitesnake version of a Beatles song with a voice box was NOT what I was expecting. I couldn't have predicted that if I was LaToya Jackson. I didn't say I liked the voice box, but it's the first one I've seen this season. Good on ya mate.

Blackbird was indulgent? What exactly does that mean? I indulge in chocolate brownies, I'm not sure how Carly indulged herself in that song choice. She's beautiful, her voice is beautiful, the red was beautiful. Is someone baking brownies?

Chikezie was a mess? I liked the different vocal styles and I loved the harmonica. He makes me smile. I like smiling, it's the best.

I DO agree the second week of the Beatles genre was not a good choice. Leave well enough alone. Spot on with that Simon. Now get some rest before next week. Would you be opposed to a Twisted Sister night?

Is it my imagination or have the necklines plunged on the contestants who were in the bottom three?

Who will go: Kristy Lee Cook. It's ok. She'll get a Revlon contract.


Guinevere Meadow said...

I agree about Kristy. She's not a bad singer, but so many (i.e. "all") of the other contestants are better performers, except perhaps Ramiele.

My faves are Brooke and David Cook. You?

christina said...

There are so many good singers this season! I do like Amanda, because she's the anti-Kristy. But I fear she'll be short lived. I do like Brooke, it's hard not to. And I do like David because he's so creative. I like Jason, and Chikezie and Carly...Goshdarnit. I like 'em all but I would love a Carly win. An American Idol with an Irish accent and tattoos.

antonia said...

ROFLOL! Great post, I agree with every bit of it. It's good to know that someone else noticed the cleavage. I had to say "no" to my kids watching a couple of the contestants because of that!
I've fun browsing through your blog. Once in college, instead of hauling 9 loads of laundry to the laundry mat, I bought new undergarments and got our the ironing board, sprayed lemon spray starch on the clothes and ironed them. I also have 5 kids. I've been known to make my son go out in public with his sister's pink shoes on because he had lost every pair of his shoes! Sorry for the rambling comment!

christina said...

I'm impressed that you even had enough clothes for nine loads of laundry! I think we have a lot in common...I wouldn't think twice if I saw a boy in pink shoes.