Thursday, March 27, 2008

American Idol Heresy or Is This Old News and I'm the Last to Know?

I was at the hair salon in the middle of a foil weave when it happened. The young girl doing my hair let loose a string of words so repulsive I froze to the chair, my face in taut anguish.

"What did you JUST say?" I croaked.

"Oh yeah, most of the contestants on AI this season are planted there by the producers. They have performance experience, some have record contracts," she replied in a high pitched valley girl voice.

"How do you know," I asked, outwardly nonchalant, but inwardly ready to protest this youthful foolishness with verbiage vehement enough to send her crying to her momma.

"I read about it on these web sites," she twittered, oblivious that all color had drained from my face and she may as well have been working at a morgue. Everybody knows that if you read it on the web, it must be true.

I'd heard about such Internet chicanery during the Sanjaya era, but with little consequence or interest.

But this-this heresy! American Idol is about rewarding the little guy, the American Dream, the rags to riches story, it's Rocky Balboa. It's quintessential Horatio Alger.

Or is it?

I visited this web site and to my horror, I discovered more about American Idol than I ever wanted to know. I also saw a lot of lewd advertisements, just FYI. And I'm not taking about ads for graduate school. Sometimes the truth lurks in dark places. Disclaimer: I'm not promoting this site or their antics, just using them for the research provided.


The contestants allegedly 'planted' on the show are Carly Smithson (Has a CD);

Kristy Lee Cook (signed with Arista Nashville, scheduled to perform with Britney Spears in her debut video); Michael Johns (not his real name) Jason Castro, Syesha Mercado, David Archuleta and Brooke White.

Some are worse offenders than others. David Cook is a front man for a band, but so was Chris Daughtry. But, hello, I'm B-L-O-N-D-E, not stupid. There's a difference, buddy.

If you're going to bill a show as, how did Randy Jackson put that, "We're out to find the best undiscovered [talent] and really herald that,” than they had better be undiscovered. I don't want to see David Archuleta singin' on the Jenny Jones show!

Now I'm distraught. Are we all tapped out of America's undiscovered talent so we have to use the 'less discovered' talent but with Hollywood connections?

This is like finding out that the salad I've been eating for lunch for the past seventeen years has like 107 carbs in it, even though it's under the 'healthy choice' section of the menu.

You can check out details HERE and decide for yourself.

Among those not a plant: Amanda Overmeyer and Chikezie. I loved Amanda and her royal Janis Jopliness and Chickezie is the original snack that smiles back. How can you NOT love this face?

Anyway, see for yourself if you must. I wish I could forget everything I'd heard in the salon.

Especially the cost of a foil weave.

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Guinevere Meadow said...

I remember hearing that Carly previously had a record contract-- I think she said as much on one of her interview spots on AI-- but I totally thought it was unfair.