Sunday, January 20, 2008

News of the Weird

I'm intrigued by the city of Naples, Italy and their garbage woes. Apparently the Italian mafia is in control of trash collections? The garbage is not being picked up, has no place to go and is burying the city. The city smells like a mozzarella cheese stick.

A recent report said the Italian government appointed a Trash Czar to clean up the problem. Wow. Can you imagine explaining that job title to party guests? That would totally stink. Whatever happened to Sanitation Engineer, Refuse Manager, Director of Detritus or even The Trash Compactor?

Anyway, this has been an ongoing battle. The next time your trash gets picked up without a police riot or clash in the street, thank your local garbage picker upper. Or Trash Czar.

Do You Use Protection?

I read a recent article about a woman in Arizona who sells Tasers at independent home parties, kinda like Tupperware. A taser is a civilian form of a stun gun.
Interesting idea. You can choose fashionable colors like metallic pink, to match your lipstick.

I've wondered and at times wished I carried some sort of weapon or personal protection. My fingernails are about all I have. Still, for for the price of the taser, $350.00, I could buy some really sharp fingernails.

Do We Steal From You???

In other weird news, you may see yourself in popular ad campaigns. According to the Washington Post, major corporations like Microsoft and Vigin Mobile have been accused of stealing personal photos from online sites like Flickr and using them for their own advertising.

You've got to be kidding me!

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Mommy Doodles said...

love the tazer, pretty in pink!

the trash is horrible, how could they let that happen.

I have heard about people stealing young girl photos and starting facebook accounts abroad... i can't image MS or VM actually stooping to the level of criminals!