Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mother of the Year Nominee

Gosh darn it if this doesn't get me nominated for Mother of the Year Award, I don't know what will.

My dear first grader marched off to school with his lunch in a normal, brown lunch sack. He came home with his leftovers plus a few traded snacks, in

Why? "It's smaller and there's lots of them to go around."

Swell, kid. Just swell.

How he got them out of the women's restroom at school I don't care to know. Trying to comprehend the logic of a six year old can't be done without chemical assistance (caffeine, of course). But, he could be on to something. Those little bags do come in handy...

Brown lunch sacks... $1.75

Food for a nutritious and satisfying lunch... $3.25

Watching your kid become the walking advertisement for feminine hygiene...Priceless.


Steph VG said...

Oh. my. goodness.

Anonymous said...

so very funny!

Anonymous said...

im not so concerned with the fact that he is the poster child for "kotex" (being related and all i would hope to cash in on the royalties) but rather with his knowledge to find a bag in the womens restroom! how observant he must have been yrs ago when you still took him to the bathroom. you have to wonder if this was one of those times where a person stores tidbits of information away for later when they might need it. that must have been his day!

christina said...

Ha! Scary, right? what other tidbits do kids have floating around up there?

tAnYeTTa said...

i love it!!!!!!!!! LOL