Saturday, November 17, 2007

Let's Hear it for the Boys...Again

I'd like to offer up the first Thanksgiving praise of the holiday season. (If you're reading into this, you should).

Those who are forced to share occupancy with me (husband)know all too well my alma mater is near and dear to my heart(fanatic). Also of note, my husband is a Michigan fan(had I known how severe his condition before we married, I would have insisted on therapy).

So when The Ohio State University defeats (humiliates, degrades, de-pants) the University of Michigan for the fourth time in a row in their 100+ years of rivalry, I am compelled to spread the good news (gloat obnoxiously). Thank you Lord for yet another Big Ten championship. With a score of 14-3 (one of the lowest scoring games in UM history) the mouth of Mike Hart was silenced as it has been the last four years. As immature as it sounds (as immature as it sounds) I'd just like to say, Hahahahahahaha..haha.


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