Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One more use for packing tape

So I'm using the school's computer again. I think they want me to be teaching or something right now but it was never stated specifically. The computer is still down. Apparently it's on its way to India.

Nothing exciting is happening here except that I've become a recluse, devoid of any cyber interaction.

Oh, and the rear fender is falling off the van. I guess it's not the fender, per se, but the molding stuff around the back end. It's not all the way off, it's hanging on like a loose baby tooth. Instead of wrapping around the side of the van, it kinda juts out and waves around like a bra less Barbra Streisand. It's on just enough to stay on the van but off enough that if I drove by you and you were standing on the sidewalk, I would take you out, no problem.

You can add this to the growing ailments suffered by our mini van: the door that falls off, the door that doesn't shut, and the seat belt that has to be tied. Now, the routine goes something like this: Untie seat belt, everyone climb out same door, slam door shut to it stays, kick fender back on van.

So I fixed it myself. I know you're thinking duct tape. That was my first thought. But after subsequent pontification, I deemed that remedy too tacky. Even though the word 'loser' has been written in the window dust, appearances still matter.

So I used clear packing tape. Yep. I taped that fender molding thingy right back on the van. And no one is the wiser. Except if you get real close.

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