Tuesday, August 7, 2007

One man's trash...Could be lime Jello

Best yard sale find ever: Giant fish Jello molds. I practically stole them from the lady for 50 cents. I haven’t had Jello since I was a girl and my mom would make it every other night, either with sliced, slightly browning bananas or a clump of soggy grapes she called fruit cocktail. Adding insult to injury; that qualified as a dessert.

Possessed with the thought of creating giant fish shaped Jello, I bought them. Sadly, my kids had NEVER seen Jello being made, let alone actually eaten enough to remember. How could I have neglected one of the basic food groups?

So we came home and luckily I still had some Jello packages from 1997, so we made it. Making perfect Jello molds is an underrated craft. Mine split apart like a second cousins wedding.

It wasn't that great until I let the kids smother it with Cool Whip. Everything tastes better with Cool Whip.


Ron said...

Beautiful... We also had forgotten about the Jell-o world until Marilyn put together a dish of shredded carrots in a bowl of orange Jello. Oh, also a can of pineapple.

Hummm, Good!


Isn't it amazing what great shelf-life Jello has?

christina said...

haha. funny. You've just reminded me of something I wanted to say about Jell-O.