Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gilmore Girls and Guys

I don't get to watch a lot of TV. So, when I do, it's usually Amazing Race or, up until this season, 24. (Note to the producers: What have you done? Fix it for the love of Pete, FIX IT! I left 24 mid-episode to watch The Bachelor. The Bachelor??! Up until this season, it would've taken a natural disaster or the loss of an appendage for me to leave the room during 24. This season, I voluntarily left to put away laundry. LAUNDRY!).

So anyway, some of my friends are into Lost or whatever other tropical themed shows are out there. I just can't get into those. My babysitter recently suggested I watch Gilmore Girls, which I can rent by the season at my local Blockbuster. After initially ridiculing her, I rented season one on DVD. I know everyone in the known world has seen it, but, on principle, I try not to be swayed by peer pressure.

I love it. Even more husband loves it.

When I popped it into the DVD player, he, of course, issues the required manly protest about watching a chick click. This is the man who can honestly claim that an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger, changed his life. Anyway, he was yawning in church this morning because he stayed up late to watch the rest of the first season.

Yeah, I know. The series is canceled. Just my luck. And don't tell me what happens!

That's my recommendation for summer TV. If you're looking for something to read but don't want to get involved in a novel, I recommend short stories. I picked up an anthology of Southern literature at Half Priced Books, so I can get a literature fix in half the time, and obviously, at half the price. I also found this website that offers short stories on line. Free short stories.

I wouldn't recommend reading all of the Russian authors in consecutive order. By the time I was done, I didn't want to do anything except drink Vodka and growl, Vy gavareeteh pa ru-sky? and Ya ne gavareeu na ruskom at anyone who walked in the room.

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