Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thank You.

Thanks everyone for your comments and e-mail about the last post. One of my favorite authors, C.S. Lewis said, "We read to know we're not alone." It's reaffirming to find out that we're not alone in our thoughts and we're more together than we realize. I appreciate your feedback.

I almost feel like I need another day to recover from Memorial Day. What a dichotomous holiday. On the one hand, it's an anguishing, grieving type of day. On the other, it's a "Buy one get One Free" day at Macy's.

A great Memorial Day story broke Monday about 42 Iraqis who were freed by US soldiers just outside of Baghdad. Some had been tortured for months while hanging from the ceiling. According to the article, the Iraqi's were taken prisoner because they were beginning to trust and listen to the American soldiers.

Wow. Hollywood couldn't come up with a better story line.


Anonymous said...

Dear Christi,
This is Carol, Merri's Mom. She told about your blog on her blog and I have been reading it off and on today. I have enjoyed them all - yes,I read back to the one about your allergy and Mom's chiropractor. But one of the best ones was about your desire to be a nurse. Being a nurse myself, I could tell you stories! But I did think it was good your crises was averted when I think of how green you were when you got off the airplane in KC when you came to visit us.
You are a great writer and I have added your blog to my favorites so I can continue to follow your career.
Take care,

christina said...

Haha. Of course I remember the infamous flight to KC. One doesn't forget an experience like that. I do make good first impressions.

I hope you're feeling well?

Anonymous said...

We are doing well, although Gary is recovering from knee surgery. His knee is doing great, but is anemic, so I an hunting down foods that contain alot of iron. Did you know clams have 16.6 mg per 1/2 cup? We are going to fix clams every way that is palatable:)
It is good to catch up with you and your family,

christina said...

Yum. Clams. I was not aware of that nutritional fact. I also have never seen the word 'clam' and 'palatable' in the same sentenece. Doesn't steak have a lot of iron?

Anonymous said...

yes it does and we had steak two nights in a row so I was looking for some variety:)

Merri said...

They both sound good to me (that is clams and steak)! Send some this way...

I, personally, am looking forward to what my friend has to say on reproduction...hehe!

Carol said...

Hehe! Me too:)

christina said...

There's a lot of Hehe-ing going on between you two.