Sunday, April 29, 2007

And then there were TWO.

At least it's a sporty shade of teal. I mean, if I have to look at it each and every day, it's a nice bright color. This is the original facility. They have now installed a secondary restroom on the premises, a mere, 75 feet from the original. There are two port-o-johns SEVENTY FIVE FEET from each other! That's more male restroom per square foot than anywhere in the country. Seriously, why must they have two commodes located in such proximity to each other?

If they weren't across the road from each other I'd swear it's just in case one runs out of toilet paper mid-job.

Of course, neither is hidden from sight. They are both on the edge of the road, almost facing each other. One is very close to our mail box. I only check our mail under the cover of darkness when I'm sure no one is in there.

I guess I should view myself as one of the privileged. Now when I give people directions to our house I say, "Drive down the road until you see a pile of dirt. Slow down, on the left you'll pass a brightly colored plastic bathroom. Just after that, on the right is another. Make an immediate right once you pass the matching set of outdoor toilets. Use caution upon entering the driveway carefully so as not to unsettle the port-o-pot.

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